Suction machine built-in type PCB automatic sampler

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Product Description

This machine is used in minor sample cutting when conducting metallographic analysis of production processes and fini-shed productions of copper clad laminate and rigid printed circuit board.

1, the maximum sample size: length * width * thickness = 50 x 50 x 8mm. (special specifications can be customized)

2, the set of sampling size: according to customer requirements. (20mm * 15mm)

3, the maximum sampling plate 600*700MM (can take anywhere on the PCB board).

4, the spindle speed: 12000, 24000, 30000, 40000 r/min (Ren Xuan).

5, sampling machine gongs knife: 1/8 "(free to replace the gongs knife,recommended 2.0mm).

6, feed mode: set the automatic feed good sampling size, until the section was completely removed.

7, the built-in vacuum cleaner.

8, laser positioning instructions.

9, +PLC touch screen control

* * the sampling machine adopts drilling and milling mode, avoids sampledeformation, to ensure the accuracy of * *

* * elastic design, can be manufactured according to customer special size requirements * *



My company equipment features:

we have own design capability, and constantly improve industry machinery.

Machines built-in suction machine, miniaturization, integration, more convenient moving, moving, more concise and beautiful.

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