FPC 180° Bending Resistance Tester

FPC 180° Bending Resistance Tester

Model No.︰JD-P B180

Brand Name︰J & D

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

this machine is for bending test of FPC, like mobile, PDA, note-book, electrical dictionary, check the bending resistant.


Technical specifications:
1 the test sample 100 mm wide.
2 test sample length is adjustable, 100-150.
3 test load load 0-2 kg stepless adjustment, digital display, electronic sensors.
4 cycle test unit 2-4 s/time, speed adjustable.
5 test alarm function: can all the way or more lines of independent testing on and off, either a circuit disconnection alarm, stop, automatic record test time, bending times, make lists.
Listing 6 test result, but the U disk import PC Excel spreadsheets, secondary editing processing again.
7 mechanical size: 600 * 700 * 450 w h l
8 supply voltage: single-phase 220 v
9 working pressure: 6-8 KGF/cm ^ 2

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