Micro precision injection molding machine

Micro precision injection molding machine

Model No.︰JD-MM4.5

Brand Name︰JD

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰2 pc

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Product Description

Micro injection molding machine professional applied to precision micro parts injection molding processing, including medical equipment, precision electronic components (retro player head), and other products production, machine small, flexible, practical life.

Forming high pressure machine, small volume, low maintenance save energy costs, convenient operation and debugging quickly, using low cost without oil pump and high-power heating elements, low noise and clean.

The molding pressure: 160 mpa (can be made according to customer requirements)
Clamping pressure: 2-10 ton (bigger, can be made according to customer required.
Charging ways: automatic/manual (customer optional)
Hopper heating: yes/no (customer choice)
Working voltage: 220 vac, single-phase 220 v (home appliance electricity)
The machine power: 500 w maximum
Weight: 150 kg

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